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They are, of course, the greatest invention since sliced bread!

On a more serious note, and put simply, they are a models that once assembled can perform some type of movement.

Many models out there are very nice to build and paint, but then all you can do with them is put them on a shelf or table somewhere in your house and let them gather dust. Not too exciting, right?

Enter mechanical models. These are designed in such a way that after you build them you will be able to interact with them, either manually or with a battery powered motor or mechanism. Cars will run, clocks will tic-toc and mystery boxes will... well, stay closed until you find a way to open their mechanisms. Now that's cool!

These models are not only fun to put together, but fun to play with afterwards.

For example, here is a great mechanical model from Robotime, the Owl Pendulum Clock. The clock works with a quarts clock mechanism with AA batteries.

Owl Pendulum Clock Robotime

So, if you're looking to get a model for yourself or someone else, choosing a mechanical model is definitely a great choice.

Happy modzzling!


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