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So many of us are struggling with anxiety, depression and stress on a daily basis, many times finding refuge in addictive and unhealthy behaviours like spending hours on end on social media--which, in turn, erodes our self-confidence and amplifies our feelings of anxiety and depression. It's a vicious cycle that is very hard to escape.

One of the best ways to fight against anxiety, depression and stress is to find an calming hobby that brings us joy and pleasure.

From gardening to sewing to woodworking, there are so many hobbies out there that can help our well-being.

Model building is one of these hobbies. It's easy to take up and doesn't require any special skills. And especially with the new types of models that have been coming out in the last few years, that do not require you to invest in glues, paints and tools, it's really easy to pick it up.

Model building has a really calming effect on the brain, whilst also helping you develop new skills and keeping you mind sharp.

Working with your hands has long been proved to help the mind calm down and lower cortisol levels, relieving stress and anxiety while increasing endorphins to give you a feeling of satisfaction and achievement. Also, working with natural materials like wood helps your senses calm down.

Having a world of your own where you have total control and can enjoy states of flow while building a model or making a puzzle are great ways to alleviate depression bouts and anxiety attacks.

There are definitely many advantages to model building, but one of the biggest arguments is that it will definitely contribute to improving your mental health and well-being.

So, if you're looking to stave off anxiety and stress, look no further and pick up model building. Make a fast start with models that don't require glue and special tools, just a pair of hands--yours!

Happy modzzling!

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